With over 100 years’ experience, our company is a leading example in the wood industry. We look for wood, cut it in compliance with the law, work it and sell it all over the world. The high quality we provide is matched by our accuracy and punctuality.

In stock, we have over 150 types of wood. We produce wood veneer sheets and planks in different measures and thickness - as marked on our products - as well as raw wood logs if necessary.

Among our clients are large factories and stakeholders in the wood industry, owners of small shops, woodworkers, guitar makers, architects, designers, antique collectors and those who work wood as a hobby or in their leisure time.

When you come to us, you will find the most traditional as well as the most refined and unusual wood types - check the products section. Our customers will always walk away with the wood type they were looking for and the colour or shades they needed or wanted.

While treasuring tradition, Giacomo SERALVO & Sons also keeps up with the times.

We also like to keep up with the current market trends and requests, so we can always have solutions ready at hand. We can provide you with trendy as well as more traditional wood types. Send an email or call us and see for yourself why you can rely on us.

We will answer all your questions and give you all the information you are looking for.

how to buy

Nel tavolame e ancora di più nel piallaccio non è possibile applicare un prezzo fisso al metro cubo o al metro quadro dato che i prezzi variano in funzione del disegno e delle dimensioni: maggiore lunghezza o larghezza portano ad un costo maggiore così come incidono sul prezzo un disegno migliore o caratteristiche uniche e irripetibili.

Per questo motivo nell'eshop offriamo una selezionedi tavole delle essenze piu richieste mentre nella sezione prodotti si prossono trovare tutte le essenze presenti in magazzino in tutti i possibili formati.

Se volete acquistare piallaccio o tavole di essenze meno comuni consultate il catalogo e scriveteci a seralvo@seralvo.com.

Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES)

These certificates are issued by a government agency in the countries of origin to certify that the wood has been collected in compliance with the regulations and with the approval of the local government. Our rare or exotic wood range has this certificate. Please address our sales manager if you are looking for wood that has been collected in compliance with CITES.


Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC)

fsc codeThe Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) is an international organisation that promotes responsible - as well as socially beneficial and economically viable - management of the world’s forests. One of the organisation’s main goals is to find solutions for the improvement of activities related to forests and reward appropriate management of the forests. Through the FSC® brand, consumers can recognise products that help to enhance responsible management of forests across the world. .

www.fsc.org - FSC certificate - duly diligence LEGNO OK