Beautiful versatile and renewable: here is wood

Beautiful versatile and renewable: here is wood

With the infinite range of colors and patterns in the veins that mother nature has given it, wood is not only versatile for use in a thousand applications that require beauty, strength and durability, but it is also a precious asset for environmental protection.

It may seem counterintuitive to talk about ecology for a product that everyone knows is obtained by cutting plants, a precious source for the oxygen we breathe. Reality tells us that the wood collected in an appropriate and controlled way helps the health and development of forests and woods, as demonstrated by the experiences of many producing countries that have seen an increase in areas and economic income from the harvest.

Plants have a life cycle beyond which they return wood to nature. Therefore, nothing wrong if the work of man is inserted in this cycle, in the use of a material that is both ecological and renewable. Wood is in fact a direct product of the sun’s energy, unlike artificial materials such as cement, steel and plastics produced by the industry with the consumption of large quantities of energy from fossil and non-renewable sources.

Used in place of common artificial materials, wood reduces the environmental impact, helping the development of the eco-sustainable circular economy. Wooden products can be easily repaired to last over time, recycled in new forms and finally burned at the end of their life, returning the energy they contain in a useful way, without ending up in landfills or creating pollution.

Used in homes and furniture, wood not only gives an aesthetic contribution that goes beyond time and fashions, but actively contributes to people’s comfort, improving thermal and acoustic insulation.
At the Meda warehouse and online shop, Seralvo offers a vast choice of woods – over 160 common, refined and unusual – in the form of logs, boards and veneers in various sizes and thicknesses. For over one hundred years Seralvo has been offering quality wood, with timely deliveries and services tailored to customers: furniture industry, sector dealers, architects, interior designers, craftsmen, luthiers, collectors, model makers, enthusiasts and hobbyists.

We invite you to discover the magic of Seralvo wood by visiting us at the headquarters-warehouse of Meda, browsing our website / shop, contacting us on the phone or via e-mail and social. If you love wood you will find what you are looking for and a reliable partner for your work.

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