Larch and fir: the gift of the nearby Alps

Larch and fir: the gift of the nearby Alps

The most ecological wood is the wood at zero kilometer or at least that comes from near. This is the case of larch and fir arriving in the form of veneers at the Seralvo warehouse these days. Very versatile common woods, usable in carpentry to ennoble surfaces, parquet and boiserie.

Quality of wood and proximity are accompanied by other important aspects: ‚ÄúThese plants are born in Switzerland, collected in compliance with the most rigorous monitoring and collection criteria – explains Alberto Seralvo -. Criteria that continue to guarantee the development of wooded surfaces, the good health of plants and the production of precious wood “.

After the badger, the larch wood is the heaviest and hardest among those produced by conifers that grow over 600 meters above sea level in the Alps. Plants that are prevalent in the Aargau region and that make up about 4% of the heritage Swiss forest. It is the area that has the best quality in all of Switzerland.

Larch is characterized by its pleasant lively color tending to red-orange, as well as its resistance to time and bad weather. For this reason it is appreciated for the construction of the cladding and external load-bearing structures of roofs, stairs, parapets, door and window frames. It is also very suitable for the construction of floors and furniture.

On another level, the most common fir wood is instead characterized by its lightness and ease of processing which make it today one of the most appreciated essence in carpentry as well as in the industry that produces wood and laminated wood for furniture. Lightness does not exclude fir from use in load-bearing structures, such as beams.

The veneers available at the Seralvo warehouse can be used naturally or with stains of different colors to create coatings and boiseries in indoor environments. Fir and Larch are part of the approximately 170 essences always available in the Seralvo warehouse, both as boards and as veneers.

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