Discovery of Ziricote, a precious Mexican wood

Discovery of Ziricote, a precious Mexican wood

Ziricote is a thick and precious wood with a characteristic brown-grey color, nowadays very popular in the interior furnishings. It’s a wood appreciated for years in USA and Japan, but still unknown in Italy. 

Ziricote grows wild in Mexican forest, incorporating into a wood and grain the inexhaustible fantasy of nature. Is similar to Palissando Rio o Jacaranda (species out of the commerce), it’s presents to the cut characteristic designs, impossible to find equals, even in slices. This feature allows to create unique effects in boiserie, furniture, guitars and other artefacts decorated by Ziricote.  

Seralvo selects and imports trunks directly from the country of origin in order to take care of the manufacturing processes and guarantee the quality to the customers. 

“Ziricote is an exclusive and expansive wood, but able to generate great emotions – explain Alberto Seralvo-. We choose directly the more mature e suitable trunks for cutting in the Mexican jungle.  

On average one tree every two or more kilometers, in almost impenetrable zones where transport is possible only with horses or oxen and, once reached the slopes, only on the burglarized local trucks”. 

Ziricote is nowadays one of the most precious essences of the 170 sets up in the Seralvo’s warehouse, available as veneers and boards 

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