The granadillo wood virtues

The granadillo wood virtues

Mexican rosewood or granadillo is gaining more and more interest among artisans and interior designers for characteristics that are still little known.

Granadillo is a heavy and hard wood with a reddish brown color and wide variations of colors that can also include black, pink and orange. In the same piece of wood you find veins with regular or dotted pattern with fanciful figures.

Because of its aspect, granadillo is well appreciated, both as solid wood and as veneer, by the wood lovers who seek uniqueness in the production of furniture, boiserie and parquet. Granadillo’s parquet is pleasant in appearance and not vulnerable by ladies’ heels due to its exceptional resistance. It does not release odors or cause allergies.

The hardness of this wood has the ability to transmit vibrations. This is why granadillo is used in the musical field by luthiers and in the construction of percussion keys of the marimba, an instrument with warm and enveloping tone compared to the xylophone. In the construction of acoustic guitars it extends the frequency range and the duration of sounds.

Granadillo includes about twenty species of plants originating from Central-South America, of which the most knows are: platymiscium pinnatum, platymiscium yucatanum (widespread between Mexico and Central America) and pleiostchyum (in Nicaragua and El Salvador). Seralvo has great experience in the import and processing of platymiscium yucatanum: a widespread species, not subject to impoverishment or extinction risks.

Seralvo chooses and imports granadillo from the Mexico and Guatemala forests in the form of raw logs. “Importing raw logs allows us to guarantee the product quality – explains Alberto Seralvo -. In Europe we are able to use modern processing machines that allow us to achieve better levels of precision”. This is one of the secrets of the Seralvo quality.

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