The uses of the ziricote: wood that distinguishes

The uses of the ziricote: wood that distinguishes

ntroduced in Italy for just a decade and little known, ziricote is a very popular wood in Japan and North America where it is used to embellish very different artifacts, starting with wood paneling, doors, tables and musical instruments.

In the US, this wood has even conquered the automotive market. Ziricote was used to coat the interior of the Lincoln Navigator (a large luxury class SUV). It is also currently used in the production of objects, knife handles, fountain pens which give warmth and uniqueness.

Like other high density precious woods, ziricote needs to be protected with the most suitable paints in different applications. The protection avoids the risk of micro-cracks caused by exposure to wind and air, making its duration and superficial pleasantness undefined.

Ziricote is one of the 170 types of wood treated by Seralvo and available from stock in the form of boards and veneers. An essence on which the company has acquired great experience in procurement and processing.

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